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One of the best, and most challenging aspects of online publishing is how interconnected everything is. It’s a lot to keep track of. It can easily lead to a sense of paralysis, dread, and ultimately, regret.

It’s important, during these dark moments, however, to remember that following best practices can often serve as a “beacon of sanity” that can yield unexpected, and beneficial results.

I was reminded of this during a conversation at Balance Interactive’s weekly meeting yesterday. The conversation touched on a range of topics, and we eventually talked about some widely...

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After handing over the keys to a new website one of the biggest maintenance concerns we hear are organizations having trouble maintaining a consistent branding with multiple editors editing website content. Organizations also have multiple web properties that need to keep the same look and feel as their main website. By investing in a pattern library for your organization you create one central location for contributors to go where they can pull already approved designs and code snippets to achieve a consistent look and feel for the product they are working on. When new patterns are needed...

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It’s official: Responsive design is old news and in the world of web design, there’s always something new out there that’s going to add a couple of wrinkles of pain to your life. 

Enter Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Platform) technology… Here are the 3 things you need to know about AMP

1) What is it?

It’s a Google-supported framework for fast-loading mobile websites. Basically, the company is pushing for a very specific set of best practices in your HTML and Javascript that define the way your pages are designed, coded, organized, and optimized. In a...

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Every 2 years, the world gathers & watches the best of the best of the best compete. Millions of viewers watched on TV, and many more watched the coverage online. And Drupal was right there to make sure everything was served properly, and all went smoothly.

Over the course of the Olympic games, the Drupal-powered site served over one billion minutes of sports coverage. That is a staggering amount of data served: that's over 1,900 years of sports coverage.

This site really showcases the flexibility and endless possibilities of Drupal, which is why we love building web...

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  1. They are simply not effective.
    In many studies, multiple banners with different slides and calls-to-action (CTA) have been proven to be pointless. Users rarely ever see past the first slide, especially when the first slide has a strong CTA itself. If you truly want the user to see more than the first slide, then the first slide needs to sell, or at least, guide the user into the subsequent slides.
  2. They often have poor / no accessibility.
    99% of the time slideshows are setup for the most ideal scenario: fast internet connection,...