by Tracy Betts Design, Information Architecture, Usability, User Experience

Lately, when a new employee joins our company they eventually come to me with a variation of this:

“I know that we say we dig deeper and think about the user experience than our competitors but I had no idea the depth to which we perform the work – this is completely different than the last agency I worked at.”

This tells me two things:

  • Our approach to client branding and large-scale redesign projects makes us different compared to our competitors, and
  • We don’t do a great job of advertising what makes us different ;)

Here is what makes...

by Chad Capellman Drupal

The Challenge

How do you go about assisting an industry's effort to overhaul its perception, while striking a balance between setting the right tone and making sure target audiences can get all of the information they are looking for?

For the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), they started by working with Balance Interactive to research, plan, design and build a new digital baseline.


by Chad Capellman SEO, Writing for the Web

Every day, it seems, we're closer to being one with the borg. 

Technology is more and more intertwined with how we live, how we work, how we exist. 

It's hard to untangle. It can be even harder to meld. 

When it comes to content, it's imperative that two key concepts are acknowledged and addressed to achieve an effective communications strategy.

What was once called a "digital life" is now just "life". 


by Chad Capellman Drupal

Drupal 8 Day logoDid you know that Drupal 8 is one year old on Saturday?

As part of a worldwide celebration, our own Krystee Dryer, a Senior Drupal Backend Developer and Custom Module expert, will be leading a training session titled "Drupal 8, Flexible Page Layouts and Elements with Paragraphs."

You can watch the recorded video...