by Melissa Woodsen Balance Interactive, Social Media, Tips and Tricks

In the last ten years, social media has become a mandatory component of organizational marketing. You have to tweet, post, share, like, recommend, or <insert latest social media verb> your content. A few years back, I wrote about how social media is like exercise—you know you should, and there are definite payoffs when you do, but you have to be consistent.

All that said, there are right and wrong ways to do social media, especially as it integrates with your website. While social sharing...

by Melissa Woodsen Balance Interactive, User Experience, Web Strategy

When we begin research for a new customer journey map, we always include an ethnographic component. While interviews, surveys, and other traditional research methods are valuable, the nuances captured during ethnography provide greater depth and understanding of the customer’s interaction with the organization.

One of the most difficult parts of ethnography is recruiting participants, mostly because people don’t know what to expect. And really, people are concerned about valid things like privacy and having someone in their way. When we go into an organization to observe, our...

by Kizaan Knapp Balance Interactive, Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, Video

Our next interviewee for this series is with Director of User Experience + Design, Lillie Obioha. Lillie not only poses a poise that puts Elizabeth Taylor to shame, but she encourages us all to think outside the box and always find exciting and inspiring ways to make our clients stand out. 

  1. What’s on your desk right now? 
    A few knickknacks, a stack of magazines for inspiration, photos of my family, a sketchbook, weekly planner, large monitor, 15' MacBook Pro, iPhone, and a cup of tea.
  2. What's the best lesson you ever got? ...
by Melissa Woodsen Balance Interactive, Design, Tips and Tricks, Web Content

In the world of web design, there's always some hot, new trend. Whether it's vertical scrolling, parallax animation, or straight up gamification, we're never without choices when it comes to designing cool features for sites. And while trends can add flair and function to your website, sometimes they're just, well, trendy. Anyone who has ever had a bad perm or worn acid washed jeans can attest that not every trend is a good idea. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding whether a trend is right for your site.

1. What purpose does this serve? If the...

by Jill Handman Content Management, Drupal, Tips and Tricks

If you have a large Drupal site with hundreds or even thousands of nodes, searching for content and/or making bulk changes can be challenging. A great module that can really help with these tasks is Administration Views.

Administration Views allows you to replace all system management pages in Drupal core with Views. Upon installation, you will have four new Views: Administration: Books (for managing your site’s book outlines), Administration: Comments (for listing and editing site comments), Administration: Nodes (for finding and managing content) and...