by Susan Cato Associations, Balance Interactive, CMS, Content Management, Usability, User Experience, Web Strategy

Is your website and overall online presence under-performing or not meeting your expectations? Are you unsure if you are doing everything you can to be successful with your online activities?  Is your website good, but you want it to be amazing?

We want to help.

We are giving away website evaluations to 10 lucky associations at the 2012 ASAE Annual Conference in Dallas. This is a great opportunity to find out if your online presence is optimized for competitive advantage.

Your website...

by Susan Cato Associations, Social Media, Trade Shows, Web Strategy

I am going to miss out on the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) annual meeting this year due to an injury - but I can still dream about being there. Being that I am a passionate digital strategist and have a deep and abiding love for all things "association," I am intrigued how associations use technology and social tools to engage member communities and foster relationships to achieve their mission. I believe that because the foundation...

by Jeannette Modic CMS, Drupal, Web Development

This blog entry is a follow up from my Capital Camp 2012 presentation on Bundle Publishing and Workflow on July 27. (View the slides)

When using both the Workbench Access and Workbench Moderation modules,...

by Beth Bacon Content Strategy, Usability

In recent usability testing for a Balance client, we uncovered a series of items that frustrated users. These things are typical on an information-rich site with lots of documents and images. Below, I describe what frustrated users and best practice solutions to improve usability.

Users were frustrated by:

1) Unexplained steps that appeared before they could access the document they wanted. The site asked users to select their state and another piece of information, each on a separate screen, in order to provide a tailored document, but there was no...

by Carrie Hane Dennison Content Strategy, Tips and Tricks, Web Strategy

I recently tried to make a purchase on the apparently "new" Pampered Chef website. My friend is the rep, and she was doing a fundraiser for our pool's swim team. So I was fairly motivated to order, and did so – BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO THE REP AND GIVING HER A CHECK THE NEXT DAY!

Why am I shouting? Because I should have been able to order online and use by credit card at my leisure at 11:00 PM like I tried to do. You may be asking why I didn't do that. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ORDER BUTTON ON THE SHOPPING CART SCREEN.

I normally only shout at my kids, but in this case, I want to...