by Jill Handman CMS, Drupal

Have you ever needed to sort a view that included multiple content types with different date fields? If so, you’ll know that this isn’t easily done in Views. For example, let’s say you have an Event content type with a date field called Event Date. Then, let’s say you have a News content type with a date field called News Date. And finally, let’s say you have a third content type called Classes with a date field called Class Date.

by Anne Mader Social Media, Tips and Tricks

As a marketer, social media can be the best part of your job, or it can be the bane of your existence. There are those who can’t wait to make the next post, tweet, or pin, and they eagerly watch their feeds for likes, shares, retweets, and replies.  And then, there are those of us who somehow got delegated to run the social media for our organization, and with dear in the head light like eyes, we stare at a screen full of hashtags, and freeze with the anxiety of figuring out how to do it all and how to do it right.

by Kizaan Knapp Associations, CMS, Content Management, Content Strategy, Online Marketing

Turn Big Data into Smart Data - Content Personalization 

by Kizaan Knapp Balance Interactive, Drupal, Web Development

Throughout 2015, we want to give you all the opportunity to get to know the Balance Interactive team and our clients a little better. To that end, we are introducing a monthly feature called “Finding Balance: A broader view with…” and will have either a Balance employee or a client featured "snapshot" of who they are and what inspires them. 

Our first interviewee for this series will start with Jeannette Modic, who has been a senior web developer at Balance Interactive for the past 4 years and is a self proclaimed pop culture addict. Follow Jeannette on Twitter: @moondancerjen.

by Timea Szell

The Role of Art.