by Carrie Hane Dennison Content Strategy, Tips and Tricks, Web Strategy

I recently tried to make a purchase on the apparently "new" Pampered Chef website. My friend is the rep, and she was doing a fundraiser for our pool's swim team. So I was fairly motivated to order, and did so – BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO THE REP AND GIVING HER A CHECK THE NEXT DAY!

Why am I shouting? Because I should have been able to order online and use by credit card at my leisure at 11:00 PM like I tried to do. You may be asking why I didn't do that. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ORDER BUTTON ON THE SHOPPING CART SCREEN.

I normally only shout at my kids, but in this case, I want to...

by Rich Wolford Project Management, ROI, Web Strategy

In May, we published a whitepaper entitled “Knowledge is Power: Know Your Website's ROI,” which shows how to measureg the return on investment (ROI) that can happen following website redesign project. It provides a how-to guide for using ROI as a tool for planning, budgeting, and implementing a website redesign including:

  • The What – Defining what ROI is and what it measures
  • The Why – What is in it for you to do the analysis
  • The When – ROI must be done in the early, pre-RFP process
  • The...
by Lillie Obioha User Experience

Recently, when I went to New York City, I realized that quite a few organizations have home pages that reminded me of the chaos in Times Square. Like Times Square, different sections of home pages are attempting to outdo one another—for example, callouts to video, call-to-action buttons that navigate the viewer to another page, superfast scrolling news article, and an infinite number of text links that are there purely on the hope of a chance click. I came to the conclusion that there are many home pages that are so cluttered that it is no wonder visitors become frustrated and leave –...

by Jeannette Modic Drupal

Recently we were faced with an interesting requirement for our client, the American Association of Anatomists (AAA). AAA has about 15 committees for their association, and they needed a way to track the committee member history. They also needed access control on committee content so only current members of a committee could view this classified content.

by Tracy Betts Associations, User Experience, Web Strategy

I have owned Balance Interactive for over 15 years. That means it's been a looong time since I have been promoted or entered into a new position in a company. So when I picked up Michael Watkins book The First 90 Days, a book written by a man who has made it his mission to help executives navigate their transitions to new roles, I started reading it from a "what if" perspective.

What if I were to take over my own company today - how would I approach the first 90 days?