by Tracy Betts Content Strategy, Tips and Tricks, Web Content

Maybe you’re a writer, association, web designer, or lawyer. If you have a website, it means you need content. Of course the content argument is most relevant to those blogging or writing on a habitual basis. However, considering helpful tips is in your best interest.

So, consider these:

1- Be Short & Sweet:

We like to hear what you have to say. Though, most of us certainly don’t have much spare time on our hands to read paragraphs of content. Plus, if you struggle with writing in general, this should be a relief.

If you have a service, what...

by JoMarie Hoholik Balance Interactive, Project Management

Earlier this month I attended the Digital Project Manager’s Summit in Austin TX. There was so much great information that my head is spinning with ideas from things I want to do in our company. One clear theme is how customer service oriented our industry is, and especially project managers. 

There were lots of great sessions, but just one of my favorites was Mike Monteiro’s “What Your Clients Don’t Know (And Why It’s Your Fault)." The session talked about how we are a service industry, and...

by Jeannette Modic

One of the key challenges when planning a Drupal project is that there are many moving parts. Drupal allows you to quickly and easily build a wide variety of web sites, from simple blog sites to extremely complex sites that integrate with other systems. In order to maximize what Drupal can do for you, you need to plan.

This year at Capital Camp and Gov Days, we walked through our planning process for a typical Drupal redesign project.

Our session covered:

  • Ways to expedite the planning process with templates.
  • How to define the scope of your project and...
by Kizaan Knapp Online Marketing

Having worked with associations for several years now, one topic that continuously arises during most strategic conversations is how to accommodate corporate sponsors; not only as an organization, but also how the organization presents itself publicly (including digital marketing). One recent example comes to mind - a large health-based research association based in Washington DC. While membership remained steady for this organization financially, member dues was not a significant revenue generator. To continue to grow as an organization, and to grow member services, the association is now...

by Ann Herndon Eskew SEO, Web Stats, Web Strategy

Goals are a versatile way to measure how well your site fulfills your target objectives. It enables clients to not only see what users are doing on their site, but also target their actions for quicker conversions. Goals give the website owner a peek into user behavior. For example, are users finding the page for which they are looking? How many pages are viewed before exiting? Are users following a specific path set by the website, or are they straying off path and getting lost?

Since each Goal type measures different content and actions, there are several things to know about Goal...