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Every 2 years, the world gathers & watches the best of the best of the best compete. Millions of viewers watched on TV, and many more watched the coverage online. And Drupal was right there to make sure everything was served properly, and all went smoothly.

Over the course of the Olympic games, the Drupal-powered site served over one billion minutes of sports coverage. That is a staggering amount of data served: that's over 1,900 years of sports coverage.

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  1. They are simply not effective.
    In many studies, multiple banners with different slides and calls-to-action (CTA) have been proven to be pointless. Users rarely ever see past the first slide, especially when the first slide has a strong CTA itself. If you truly want the user to see more than the first slide, then the first slide needs to sell, or at least, guide the user into the subsequent slides.
  2. They often have poor / no accessibility.
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Our next interviewee for this series is with Director Service Delivery, Beth Morgan. Beth has been with Balance for over 6 months now and I have noticed she makes MANY lists!. She has a very quirky sense of humor, writes very fun blog posts and always finds a way to stay calm, even in the most frustrating situations!

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We have discussed Susy and Gulp in our three part process of our approach to Responsive Design. In this last part of the series, we will talk about using Breakpoint to handle media queries.

Media Queries

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In the previous blog post in this series, we talked about why we use Susy to handle our flexible grid layout. Part 2 discusses using Gulp for Image Optimization.

Image Optimizing

You can have a flexible grid system, but if your media assets are not optimized for screen size, your design isn’t completely responsive. Optimization include: