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The homepage slideshow is an all too common element on business as well as personal websites. They are often used to highlight content pieces on the site in an attractive manner. However, these slideshows are often built with Javascript code that requires a set width and height for slides.  This causes problems for responsive-enabled sites, as the slideshows will often require development time to be made fluid. There are a lot of libraries out there that include responsive as a feature, but often implementing these will require some change in the HTML structure of the slideshow.


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This blog post is a follow up to my presentation on August 14th, 2013 at the Drupal4Gov Days titled "The Ultimate Toolbox - Using Content to Build Your Dream Home". You can check out the slides from this presentation here on slideshare.



by Jeannette Modic Trade Shows

On Friday I had the pleasure of joining my fellow DC Drupalistas at Capital Camp 2013! Balance was a platinum sponsor and well represented at the event! I am so excited about the new tips and tricks I learned from the many talented presenters. Here are some things I am really excited about exploring and sharing with our clients:

  • Making Drupal more flexible for laying out content - I attended an awesome case study by Forum One about how they built to have a flexible reponsive layout that editors can...
by Alan Yurisevic Drupal

CapitalCamp is once again upon us, bringing informative panels on Drupal and Drupal development. If you’re a developer new to Drupal, a grizzled veteran or anything in between, there’s a chance there is something for you at CapitalCamp this year. Here is a quick look at panels to look out for:

How to teach Anyone Drupal Development in 7 Months

Development leads will want to attend this session, as it’s likely you’ve had to teach someone basic Drupal skills at some point...

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This past week, the folks from CEO Update joined three association lobbying experts in a forum to discuss the latest aspects and trends in association advocacy. The forum, titled "Advocacy in a Time of Gridlock" included:

Scott DeFife
Executive vice president, policy and government affairs
National Restaurant Association
Ivan Adler
The McCormick Group