by Tracy Betts Associations, Balance Interactive, Design, Web Development, Web Strategy

A website redesign project is a big deal. It’s an investment of time and an investment of money. For most organizations a website redesign is also a high profile project. Your CEO is watching, your Board of Directors is watching, and your users are anxious. If you are in charge, you know you need this project to go as smoothly as possible. The first step to a successful website redesign project is getting internal buy-in. 

Before you can sell the concept of a website redesign internally, you need to understand a few things yourself:




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by Megan Policicchio Balance Interactive, Content Management, Content Strategy, Web Content

Chances are you or one of your colleagues spent a lot of time producing it and then pushed it through various levels of approval. But your audiences will not sift through the content that you “just can’t let go of” to find what they want and need from your site. So it’s time to shift the focus away from you and pay attention to them.


Assessing your website content with a critical eye is hard. Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience to determine what is valuable can be even harder.


by Tracy Betts Balance Interactive

When we are hiring new employees, we look for a specific "persona" that sums up the type of person we want to work with. We call this personality type the "inspired problem solver".

The "inspired problem solver" embraces our clients’ challenges and opportunities with inventiveness and enthusiasm. They bring passion and expertise to the table and focus on finding the best solution for the situation and desired outcomes. The inspired problem solver is a team player - they love it when a challenge is laid on the table and we all roll up our shirtsleeves and dig in...when our clients...

by Susan Cato Content Strategy, SEO

Authorship is rapidly becoming important to search engine optimization (SEO).  As Google starts to look at the author of the content and their influence as much as the website on which it is posted, Google also looks at the relationships that the author has with other authors in the space. This article on Search Engine Journal is a good introduction to the...

by Lillie Obioha Design, User Experience

Getting your stakeholders on board with a new website design has always been a tricky process. Without the right approach, they will get too involved in the process and start nitpicking design comps resulting in a site that is far less than amazing.

 The question is, how do you get input from your stakeholders and still let the design experts do their job?


Using mood boards in the website redesign process does just this. Presenting the overall design approach this way keeps your team focused on the right...