by Lillie Obioha Design, User Experience

Getting your stakeholders on board with a new website design has always been a tricky process. Without the right approach, they will get too involved in the process and start nitpicking design comps resulting in a site that is far less than amazing.

 The question is, how do you get input from your stakeholders and still let the design experts do their job?


Using mood boards in the website redesign process does just this. Presenting the overall design approach this way keeps your team focused on the right...

by Tracy Betts Social Media, Tips and Tricks

 Have you started your Pinterest Business account yet?   We have and our boards cover everything from books we love to social media trends to a ton of info on content marketing and content strategy.

Take a second to get inspired: 

and then


start your own Pinterest account for your organization. If you are not familiar with the new features Pinterest offers business than you may want to ...

by Alan Yurisevic Design, Mobile, Tips and Tricks, User Experience

As the demand for responsive design increases so does the need for more robust implementations. While CSS media queries should be the main driving force behind your responsive solution, there will be times when you will need something else to achieve the desired result. When this happens we can implement very straightforward, lightweight jQuery code to complement our stylesheets.

One case where jQuery might be a good idea is a site that moves the order of HTML block content, menus, etc. depending on which device the site is...

by Tracy Betts Content Strategy, Design, Social Media

Pinterest formally announced the launch of Pinterest for Business this month. This means that businesses are now free to create branded accounts on the social networking site. Until now, most brands have been using the first name, last name sign-up format that individuals use. The new service allows businesses to enter the name of an organization and a logo when registering. If you already have created a personal account on Pinterest you can now easily convert it to a business account....

by Jeannette Modic CMS, Drupal, Tips and Tricks, Web Development


Our government client has many products that are referenced throughout their site. They want one place to update the latest release date and have it progate throughout the site. On the current ColdFusion site, this is accomplished using a series of text files and javascript to insert the values in the text file. We need to replace this functionality with (hopefully) an easier-to-use solution on a Drupal 7 site.


Store Values

For this problem we decided to start with taxonomy terms to store the variables and their values. We decided to use...