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Today we're very excited to kick off our weekly round-up of noteworthy (at least we think so!) items culled from perusing industry news, trends, and what not.

Here at Balance we love transformational thinkers - those that, through their work, go a few extra steps in their commitment to their craft. With that you can see why we picked this article for our first offering of the week. "...

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It is important to understand the steps in the SEO for Redesign process. Each phase includes sets of important tasks that can help to ensure the success of the project. The steps of the process are listed below and in this post we are going to discuss the first two steps in detail.

What are the steps in the SEO for Redesign Process?

• Audit
• Benchmarks
• Planning
• Dev, QA, & Launch
• Post Launch Review

An SEO Audit of the current site can be a very useful tool for reducing the risk of an unsatisfactory redesign. I put the SEO...

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It is a common fallacy among .NET programmers that .NET applications and PHP applications cannot be integrated together. We have encountered this misconception many times with working with .NET vendors with a relationship with one of our client’s that has a PHP based Content Management System (CMS). This is a huge misconception, which we believe not only limit the choices of our clients but hurt .NET application vendors as well. At Balance Interactive, we have, in fact, implemented many types of integrations between the two types of systems.

Integration Examples

One common...


SEO Questions To Ask During Redesign

Web technology has developed into a dynamic, highly competitive field that, when effectively navigated with the aid of personable, professional designers, can yield enormous potential for organization, communication, and expansion. Website redesign is a project that many companies and organizations are undertaking at an increasing rate. The internet has become a global super-community that has empowered the idea and provided a vehicle for its proliferation.

Any group seeking to organize or mobilize an idea is...

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A little help from your friends....

One of the highest value services we are performing for our clients right now are Content Messaging Workshops. This workshop is designed to arm your team with the knowledge to keep the website fresh and on message. Our content strategy experts will come to your office for a three hour interactive session. Your team will learn messaging architecture, concepts behind structured content and the different elements that make up a successful web page. Real world exercises that will have your team successfully creating calls to action, link text and...