by Tracy Betts Online Marketing

As much as we hate to admit it, it’s true; sometimes consistent content marketing can fail. The most difficult part of any online marketing campaign is consistency. Persistent engagement with your customers online is key when it comes to achieving quality and enduring customer loyalty. There are two main tools that every marketer should become experts on using - a content calendar and an automated marketing program. 

Content Calendar Churning out fresh content consistently can be a challenge. While an exceptional content strategy paves the way for crafting your...

by Tracy Betts Associations

Who owns “digital communications”? Who leads the charge of communicating with your customers online? To be most effective, one person needs to have the utmost responsibility, and we’ll give you a hint: though they work in tandem, Digital Communications is not the same as Information Technology.

What problems are we solving? Are we using technology to transform our business, or are we just adding bells and whistles to existing processes? Better yet: how does this technology support our strategic plan?

How is our digital performance...

by Carolyn Tate Mobile

According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of all Americans use their cell phones to access the internet, a number that has doubled since 2009. As of May 2013, 91% of American adults use a mobile phone and 56% own a smartphone (28% own an Android; 25%, an iPhone; 4%, a Blackberry).

Simply put, we own more mobile computing devices than we do toothbrushes. And to that point, I’d wager that more...

by Lillie Obioha Design, Tips and Tricks

Being in the creative field, I always wonder how other designers do it. What drives them to come up with innovative and original ideas? Where do they get that “spark” from? After pondering this for some time, I believe I have found my answer: Inner silence. By that I do not mean the "no talking" a-la library "SHHH!" silence, or "quite time" for reading some novels. But more of a silencing the inner critic that distracts you from being creative. As John Cage put, "silence provides an opportunity to hear the sounds we normally ignore".

Silence is golden
A few...

by Tracy Betts Tips and Tricks

Do you want to know how to turn your casual visitors into recurrent readers of your blog content? With these 3 crucial steps you can learn how to keep your casual vistors coming back so they can become dedicated blog subscribers!

Step 1: Directing Traffic to your Blog Before you can grow your subscription list, you should be blogging consistently. Some ideas for driving traffic to your blog:

Email Send a one-time email introducing your blog and giving your network the option to subscribe to it. Make it brief and include one sentence on what...