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In order to understand how these two distinct concepts relate and influence each other, first let’s outline them.

Culture isn’t defined easily; however, as cited in Wikipedia the definition is used most commonly in three ways:

  • Unified human behavior, knowledge and belief patterns, and symbolic codes (i.e.: in a context of family, groups/teams, companies, etc.)
  • Beliefs, values, moral goals and customs shared by group of people (i.e.: inhabiting specific geographic areas in the world countries, sub-regions within countries, continents, etc.)...
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Traditionally, wireframing has been the go-to activity for specking out web designs, architecting the layout of the site and envisioning user experience. But the fact of the matter is, no matter how detailed the annotations, no matter how intuitive we think we've designed it to be, nothing substitutes for the real thing--a live, working site. In a world with infinite dollars and hours, we could build multiple iterations of sites until our hearts' content. Sadly, projects have budgets and timelines and reality to contend with, and multiple builds just aren't in the cards. Enter: rapid...

by Jill Handman CMS, Drupal

Have you ever needed to sort a view that included multiple content types with different date fields? If so, you’ll know that this isn’t easily done in Views. For example, let’s say you have an Event content type with a date field called Event Date. Then, let’s say you have a News content type with a date field called News Date. And finally, let’s say you have a third content type called Classes with a date field called Class Date.

Ideally, if you had given each of those content types the same date field, then creating a view that will sort all three of those content types by date...

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As a marketer, social media can be the best part of your job, or it can be the bane of your existence. There are those who can’t wait to make the next post, tweet, or pin, and they eagerly watch their feeds for likes, shares, retweets, and replies.  And then, there are those of us who somehow got delegated to run the social media for our organization, and with dear in the head light like eyes, we stare at a screen full of hashtags, and freeze with the anxiety of figuring out how to do it all and how to do it right.

There is no question that social media, in all it’s various forms,...

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Turn Big Data into Smart Data - Content Personalization 

What do we mean when we talk about content personalization? It isn’t super complicated: content personalization is really just a fancy name for showing targeted content to a user who visits your website. We can all agree that people visiting your site have different intentions: some are there to buy something, others are simply doing research, and some might be trying to get a job with you. Then you have first time visitors, and returning ones. Some don’t know why they’re there and are looking for a way out....