The Bike Lane Website Updates

About the Project

The Bike Lane needed a quick update to their website, which used a customized content management tool.  Balance Interactive researched the content management system (CMS) and accomplished the client’s goals within the system, including a more dynamic design and the integration of a blog, video and photos.

The CMS company was so impressed with what Balance Interactive programmers were able to do with their product that they are using this site as a model!

The Balance Interactive solution included:

Research Custom CMS

Balance Interactive researched the custom content management system in use at the site to learn its capabilities. Approaches were defined that would give The Bike Lane the desired look and functionality within the current set up.

Custom Coding

Balance Interactive implemented custom coding to integrate a blog, video and photos into the site. The implementation was done in a way that is compatible with the content management system. The Bike Lane staff can also make updates as needed.

Custom Design

Balance Interactive worked within the design constraints of the content management system to create a more lively look and feel for The Bike Lane website. The resulting navigation bars and treatment of the company logo are more lively and dynamic.

Integrate Social Media

The updated website integrates a blog, flickr photos and YouTube videos. The approach makes all of this content seamlessly fit into the website design.

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